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Camping for luxury lovers

Forget trying to pitch a tent, crawling into sweaty sleeping bags and digging holes in the ground. You don’t have to rough it in the African bush. There are plenty of places where you can glamp. Glamping is short for glamourous camping and there’s nowhere quite like Africa to go on a luxury wilderness holiday. Lovers of wildlife will be particularly impressed.

As a wildlife lover, one of my favourite trips was a luxury three-week glamping journey I did around Africa. I visited Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. There were animals everywhere.

In Kenya, my “tent” was a few steps away from a pride of lions and around the corner from a tree where a leopard and her cub had chosen to camp out.

In Tanzania, we found a Noah’s Ark of animals in the Serengeti. Tarangire National Park was also definitely worth visiting for the elephants and mating lions.

In Uganda, the highlight was trekking the jungle in search of gorillas.

Aside from the amazing wildlife, staying at luxury safari camps made the trip memorable.


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